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Anonymous asked:
Hey, I had commented on here a couple weeks ago...but I have an even better idea how about two guys that Adam's friends with are Shane and Christian and then either Sam or Star is friends with Elizabeth :)

I like those names!! Deal (:

xoxo, Wynn

Chapter Nineteen


    The remaining weeks of summer passed by before my eyes. James and I were together again and things just felt right. I looked out of my window at the dark night sky, and into the stars. I thought about how I would be moving out soon, and how I needed to start looking for a part time job. My thoughts were cut short by my phone vibrating violently on my bed. I walked over to the bed and smiled when I saw the text James sent me.

    James: Hey star, these past weeks being with you have been great. I wanted to tell you that you are incredibly special to me and not to worry about what people say tomorrow at school. Like coach always says “If you don’t mind, it don’t matter!” Focus on your work so we can go to college together. I love you, and goodnight”

    Ugh! That reminded me of how much I was dreading going to school tomorrow. All the strange looks I would be getting by girls who were both jealous and felt bad for me. Deep inside (way way deep inside) I knew James was right. I needed to focus on my studies at school and not pay any attention to the many losers at West Palms High. I texted him back a sweet “thanks” and “I love you too.” I turned off my lamp and reluctantly turned on my alarm. I then fell asleep to the sound of my mom pacing back and forth in her room.


    I stared at the text Star sent me back. I thought about how everything was falling back into place. Something just felt…right. I tossed my cell onto the bed when I heard someone knock on the door. My parents were still out, and nobody said they would be coming. So I grabbed my old baseball bat I keep behind my pillow. When I looked to see who it is I was shocked.
    I opened the door instantly when I saw it was Adam.
    “Dude what’s going on?” I could tell something was wrong.
    “I broke up with her.” He was staring at the living room wall behind me. I couldn’t help but to feel a bit of joy as he said this.
    “I know its hard man, but you did the right thing. What did she do this time?”
    “She thinks I’ve been cheating on her.” He said as I lead the way to the couch.
    “What the hell? With who?”
    “You JUST met Sam. Nat’s crazy you knew that.” She really was crazy. She reminded me of Star’s mom sometimes. Multiple personality disorder it sounded like to me.
    “I know! Can I tell you something?” He asked finally making eye contact.
    “Of course.”
    “I haven’t had feelings for Nat for a long time now. But..you know. Things were so great. I didn’t want to let that go.”
    “You know we’ve been friends since forever right? I know you. Things will be fine, you’ll move on…Speaking of moving on, what DO you think about Sam?”
    He laughed. “I knew you would ask that. Honestly?..Shes pretty cool. But I don’t know her that well. And I’m defiantly not ready to go after another girl right now. Have I ever told you the secret to being man?”
    “I am a man; I don’t need your secrets.” I said smiling at him.
    “Sure you are.The secret is all women are crazy. Every single last one of them and the only way to survive is to get the less crazy ones and train them like dogs.”
    We both broke out into laughter. I knew he wouldn’t be stressing over this Natalie thing for long. He had a good heart and was good at putting things out of his head. He had a pretty nasty beginning to life after all
    “Well, I gotta hit the sheets. You know we have school tomorrow and I really don’t want to spend the first day sleeping.
    “I do. But it’s probably a good idea I get to bed soon. I’m just going to sleep in the guest room if that’s cool with you.”
    “Yeah, it’s cool. You know you’re always welcome to stay here.”
    I said as I walked up the stairs to my room. My eyelids were already drooping down making it a little hard to see where I was going.

    BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I jumped up as soon as my alarm started screaming at me to wake up.
    “Honey turn that off puh-lease!” My mom yelled from across the hall. She was an extremely light sleeper.
    “I’m on it!” I yelled back pushing the “off” button. It was finally the first day of school. The thought of school made my stomach spin. I couldn’t help the nervousness, I knew once I got to school I would feel fine though….maybe. My jeans, T-shirt, and keds were waiting for me at the end of my bed.
    By the time I took a quick shower, got dressed, and did my make-up and hair it was 7:20. (Time for me to go if I wanted to get any breakfast before school). Before I left I left I said a quick goodbye and “I love you” to my mom.
    I stepped outside my front door and took a deep breath. I was officially a senior now; this year was going to go by so fast. When I got into my car I turned on the radio and cranked up takin’ over the world by the Pussycat Dolls. It gave a big sense of confidence for the first day.
    After I stopped by Starbucks and got my favorite mocha frappe, I made my way to the home of the badass barracudas, West Palms High.
    When I pulled up to my senior parking space I realized the school was just as I left it. The creepy Barracuda statue marking school property at the front of the school, the blue doors I walked in and out of so many times before. As I stepped out of my car I noticed Jamie a few cars down with none other then Natalie and Melanie.
    When we made a weird eye contact I smiled and tried to make it friendly. I wasn’t really in the mood to make enemies right now. She rolled her eyes and continued on with her conversation with Barbie uno, y Barbie dos.
    “That Bitch.” I said when I thought I was the only one who could hear it. I didn’t recognize James had already pulled up next to me in his fabulous Lambo, and was right behind me.
    “Who are you talking about?” He asked, a worried expression spread across his face.
    “Oh Lord, I didn’t even notice you there! It’s not a big deal.” I lied. That was definitely the signal of the end of mine and Jamie’s so called “friendship”.
    “You sure Babe? Cause you know I’ll confront anyone that messes with my Star.” He said this while smiling, but he was serious.
    “I’m a big girl hon, I can handle it if it turns into anything.”
    “OH MY GAWSH! Is that James and Star? AHHH!” Jamie said as she ran over to give James a big hug, and finally return that smile I gave her earlier; before James had arrived.
    “Hey Jamie.” James mumbled. He never really liked her, now that I think about it neither did I. We just kind of put-up with her and her annoyingly slutty ways.
    “Sooo, are you two like..a thing again?” She asked.
    “We are more than a “thing”, we’re together again.” James answered while placing his arm around my waist protectively.
    Jamie flashed me a big fake, cheesy smile.
    “Well that’s helllla tight, you know I’ve always loved you two!” Man she is so fake. I couldn’t help thinking as I looked at her newly died blonde hair and long extensions. She was even wearing some thick black false eyelashes.
    “Alright, well I just came over to say hey! Bye James, hopefully I’ll catch you later.” She said obviously to James and only James.
    “Wow.” I said raising my eyebrows to him.
    “Yeah, I really hope she’s in none of my classes. You know I’ve never liked her.” He said pulling me into a hug.
    I had a feeling the triplets would be a pretty big problem for me this year. I was ready to take them down one-by-one if it got out of hand. No one was going to ruin MY senior year.

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tommosbaby asked:
Yeah Wynn hurry and write that chapter! I've been waiting for ages! :)


lots of love, Wynn (;

Dear Followers Wynn is taking an extremely long time writing the next chapter. So If you want to take this frustration out on someone. Shes your girl!

Hurry up or I will Kill you then write the chapter myself, they cant tell the difference. I know where you live.

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Anonymous asked:
So.. how about you make this character named Elizabeth, who likes this two guys and doesn't know if they like her back or not and some awkward things are always happening like a friend of one of them thinks she likes her crush's brother but really doesn't like the brother. and the other crush one of her friends asked him out but now its awkward because they won't talk and stuff ever since she had to leave early because her mother made her. Oh and the crush with the brother already has a gf.

Thats a good idea! BUT we were kinda thinking a more simpler character…like someone one of our main character’s runs into or is friends with. As I said we aren’t adding any other main character’s just some outsiders..

Thanks though!

XoXo Kat!